Why you Need a Secure Router and how Panda Technologies Makes it Easy

You’ve signed up for internet service through a reliable provider, so now you’re ready to go, right? Not exactly. Internet service is just the beginning. Chances are, you rent or own a modem, which is the hardware that brings the internet from the provider to your device. If you need to connect more than one device and/or if you’re looking to outfit your home or business with wi-fi, you will also need a router.

What does a router do?      

In simple terms, a router is a network device that makes it possible for more than one item (laptop, desktop, phone, smart TV, etc.) to connect to the internet at the same time.

Will any router do?

All routers are not created equal. Because they are online, routers are susceptible to hacking, malware, viruses and other issues, which is why it’s imperative to choose a router with robust security features. That’s only the beginning though. Like any type of technology, your router needs regular updates to function optimally and stay secure.

How can Panda help?

We make it easy to choose a secure router and keep it up to date. Our router rental program not only provides users with an enterprise-worthy router, but that hardware is also backed by our expert technical support team.

How does it work?

Our routers are compatible with all internet service providers. Whether you are setting up new service or looking to replace an outdated router, get in touch, and we’ll get you started.

·         If you’re located within our 30-mile service area, we’ll set up your router for a one-time fee of $50. Rental is $10 per month.

·         Outside of our service area? We can ship a pre-configured router directly to your door (shipping  and set up fees apply). Rental is $10 per month.

Why rent from Panda?

·         Set it and forget it. Once your router is installed, we’ll ensure it has all the necessary updates.

·         Improved security. We do tech for a living. We stay up-to-date on security patches, upgrades, and threats so our customers have peace of mind.

·         Expert tech support at a discount. If you do experience an issue, our team is here to help, and you’ll receive a discounted rate on our already competitive pricing.

·         Enterprise level equipment. Our equipment is built for exceptional performance in all applications, from large commercial facilities to the average home. It includes advanced security features and next generation wi-fi 6.

Ready to rent a router?

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