Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair / Computer Repair


It never fails. The day your computer decides to crash is the day that you are working on a deadline for a client or you have finally made it to the last page of your college research paper. Although it may seem like your electronic devises are out to get you, they often just need a little TLC from a qualified IT professional.

Don’t let that ominous blue screen or missing file get the best of you. As much as you may want to toss your electronic devises out the window, give Panda Technologies a call. We can help you get up and running again in no time.


Extend the life of your electronics


Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and electronics are no exception to this rule. Over time, it is common for electronics to develop issues and problems that may turn them into overpriced paper weights. Having an IT professional on call that can help you maintain and repair your electronics will go a long way toward extending their life expectancy.


Experience that will save you money


The techs at Panda Technologies are experienced at saving our clients both time and money. For minor issues, we can talk you step-by-step through repairs that you can do on your own. For larger issues, our techs can make on-site visits and get your electronics up and running as quickly as possible.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with cost-effective electronic repairs that will keep their home or office running smoothly and efficiently. Before throwing your computer out the window, contact Panda Technologies today.

After all, repairing your electronics is often a more affordable solution than replacing them. (Not to mention the number of computers we save from an early visit to the landfill!)


Hourly Rate

Price per hour for Commercial work
$ 100 hour