Camera System

Security cameras serve a very important purpose, to deter criminals who are looking for an easy target. Oftentimes, simply having a camera onsite is enough to prevent theft or vandalism, but that is not always the case. Fortunately, security cameras are not just for looks, they also record evidence that the police can use to solve a crime.


Advantages to Embracing Technology


Not all security cameras are created equally, however. Analog security cameras are most commonly known for recording grainy images onto a digital video recorder (DVR). This footage, while sometimes helpful, is also plagued with low-resolution images that cannot be zoomed in on or enhanced without it becoming even more blurry.

Enter the IP, or internet protocol, camera. The IP Camera records high definition images that cover a wider field of view than traditional analog cameras. This means that when you need to zoom in on a particular image, you are more likely to retain the clarity needed to identify important features and details. You also need fewer cameras since the field of view that is reordered is wider than that of older analog cameras

Although some technology trends may be difficult to embrace, investing in IP Security Cameras is one that will pay off in the long run.


Detection and Early Warnings


Also unique to the IP Camera is the option of setting your network to flag suspicious events that happen within your camera’s field of vision. This could be a range of events that include motion detection, tampering of the camera itself or missing objects. Rather than searching hours of footage on a DVD, your network will help you find exactly when specific events occurred.


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